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New jobs and finding confidence.

As a musician, I feel so very lucky to be starting this season with multiple part-time jobs!

... But let me tell you, it's been a trip.

As summer 2018 came to a close, I was beginning my third (and potentially final!) Certificate year at Carnegie Mellon University as well as training for a new online job working as a part-time stylist for Stitch Fix. I was convinced that I needed extra income and was so psyched to be doing something style and fashion related. I didn't see many gigs on the horizon and, although my performing confidence had come a long way, I still had very little confidence in my ability to play any sort of audition well.

Whew! that fall semester was a COMPLETE whirlwind! The Stitch Fix job turned out to be much more time-consuming than I had anticipated and as a result, I was overworked, stressed, and underprepared for nearly everything I had going on musically. By the end of October I was dealing with severe neck pain and immobility (read a little about that here) and was forced to take multiple weeks off from playing violin. By the time Thanksgiving rolled around, I was a complete mess.

I credit my mother for convincing me that it was OK to quit (Quit the online job, that is), and to continue to trust in the process and trust in my time in school. After all, it IS important to make the most of everything we have while we can.

Fast forward to the present- I am so excited to be playing this 2019/2020 concert season as a member of both the Erie Philharmonic and the West Virginia Symphony orchestras.

When I reflect on my preparation for the auditions for these two ensembles, I realize that the biggest change was in my confidence. Yes, I prepared differently, and yes, I practiced... But I BELIEVED.

I believed in my own process.

and, I believed in my own musical ideas.

You know that quote? 'She believed she could, so she did.'

Yeah... I think it's pretty true.

Ok, is that a little too esoteric? Here are a few, more actionable, practices I've learned that work for me for audition prep:

* Have an organized folder or book for EACH audition.

* Make weekly practice charts.

* Record yourself. (doesn't need to be each day but definitely every few days!)

* Play everything even quieter than you think.

* Practice with the metronome ALL THE TIME. No, but really.

* Intonation and Sound. (need I say more?)


...on that note, I think I should go practice.

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Antonio Truyols
Antonio Truyols
Jun 09, 2020

I am in love with this blog! I'm obsessed. The website and this blog look amazing. Professional, engaging! I'm definitely tuning in!

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