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Monday motivation.

I'm hanging with one of my best friends in Cary, NC for a while and I thought I'd share the workout we did together the other day for a little #mondaymotivation.

Since I've not belonged to a gym for a whole year now most of my workouts use little to no equipment and can be done pretty much anywhere! We did this one outside in a found shady spot.

3 to 5 rounds with approximately 2 minutes rest between rounds: (we did 4 because it was hot out and we were huuunngryyy.)

10 per side - side lunge with curtsy squats

24 total - step ups (we used the steps outside my friend's apartment)

24 total - straight arm plank with chest touch

20 total - 180 degree squat jumps

I want to hear if you try this workout yourself! Send me an email and let me know how it went for you.

Happy Monday!

- T

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