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a very NYC snow day.

This past Thursday we got our first snow of the season here in NYC. It was magical and lovely and I didn't want it to stop.

Since the school where I work declared the day an official snow day (eek! my first in many years because Pittsburgh doesn't ever stop for snow) I took a trip downtown to experience a few of the city's Christmastime sights!

First, Wednesday evening in my neighborhood as the snow was starting.

Central Park after snow.

I mean... I really love it here.

Apparently this year people needed to get tickets to see the tree at Rockefeller Center but.... this was good enough for me!

Can't get any more New York at Christmas than the light show at Saks Fifth Avenue. I got chills standing on the corner feeling like, 'omg pinch me I finally LIVE HERE'.

I hope these seasonal sights have brought you a bit of joy on this Winter Solstice. Sending you much love.




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Frances Duff
Frances Duff
21 déc. 2020

I love the pictures. So fun to see, especially the "over the top" decorations at Saks. Of course my favourite time to walk is in the evening when the lights are on and it is snowing. The snow muffles a lot of city noises so it feels personal and private.


Margery Kowal
21 déc. 2020

What a magical time in a truly magical city! I am rejoicing with you that you are there, Taya. And so glad that you are sharing these amazing photos and experiences with us!

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