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better late than never! (finally an update)

Whew! it's been a while!

You know that feeling where the longer you don't call someone the easier it is to just not call? Yeah.... I think I did that to my blog and to YOU. I'm sorry :(

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving Week. I hope everyone is staying as safe as possible during this time. I have made the difficult decision to stay in NYC for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year in the interest of keeping myself AND my parents as healthy and Covid free as possible. Sadly, both my parents and I don't feel it's in anyone's best interest to travel for the holidays this year.

In other news, I've been working as a classroom assistant at a private elementary school in NYC for about a month now and it's going quite well. I have been assigned to a kindergarten class and they are so wonderful to work with. Until starting this job, I didn't realize how much I have missed teaching kids that age!

You're probably wondering, 'I thought NYC schools have closed again!?'

Well yes, the PUBLIC schools have been switched to remote learning once again but private schools don't follow those same guidelines. So far we are still open! (fingers crossed)

The classes go through rotating Covid testing each week so that everyone in the school is tested twice a month. So far so good!

I have so much more to tell. Maybe I'll just have to get writing!

More soon. I promise.

- T


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