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thankful for framily.

Having already made it to December 1st I feel strange recounting Thanksgiving as it already seems like it could be so far in the past. But here I am recounting the past holiday and simultaneously saying.... HOLY CRAP HOW IS IT DECEMBER?!


Because my parents and I decided not to travel this year for Covid safety reasons, I stayed in NYC with my boyfriend, Chris, and our room mate and we had a sweet little dinner on Friday.

I attempted roasted whole fish. (did you know fish are bony? oh man, I need to learn the proper way to eat a fish without getting many little bones in every bite.) I'll give myself a thumbs up for taste though....

The apple pie however, was not bony at all. Samin's all-butter pie dough wins again!

(See cherry pie post from last summer)

but like, how is it December already?!

Just a few days shy of 4 months in New York and I'm so glad I made this move. Yeah, it's weird ass times. Yes, I miss my parents SO MUCH and am very sad that I won't see them this holiday season. Absolutely, I ride the train every day and it's usually full enough to not allow for proper social distancing.

But for the first time in a long time I'm not trying to get to somewhere else because I'm right where I've wanted, and maybe needed, to be.

More soon. xoxo,


Photo from the roof of my apartment building :)


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Phil Ricker
Phil Ricker
Dec 02, 2020

Love the outfit! I am ready for pie now.


Frances Duff
Frances Duff
Dec 01, 2020

What a perfectly lovely looking apple pie. AND that picture of the lady in the lovely dress is beeooutiful too. We miss you too Ty and I vow that I will put up some Christmas decorations and Tomtin notes just to feel the love, comfort, and joy of the season. I haven't done anything yet. But, Dec 1 is time.


Margery Kowal
Dec 01, 2020

I love that you are "right where you wanted (and maybe needed) to be! That's the goal of a lifetime. Take good care, sweet Taya.

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