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cherry pie for every meal.

We picked fresh, sweet cherries from my dad's cherry tree last weekend which resulted in....

well, a whole lot of cherries. So I made pie!

Actually, I made 2 pies because the first one was gone in less than 48 hours.

(I've had pie for breakfast more than once this week.)

Here's the deal - The crust really makes the whole thing. I learned this because of Samin Nosrat and her incredible book Salt Fat Acid Heat. (sidetone: this book changed my life. er, at least my cooking, so if you like to cook things I highly recommend checking it out.)

Anyways, her all-butter crust recipe involves lots of butter and lots of steps including many visits to the freezer and multiple temperatures in the oven, but oh man does it make for a flipping awesome and flaky AF crust.


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