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dreaming of chocolate mousse.

Back when quarantine began, ya know back in March, I couldn't quit dreaming about lush chocolate desserts.

My best friend in undergrad used to make chocolate mousse. It was his thing. He would always bring it to dinner parties, etc and DUH it was always a hit.

It's funny because I've ALWAYS been into cooking and baking and had never made a mousse until this year!

Welllll in the past three months I've made chocolate mousse probably 6 times (?). Maybe more? I've honestly lost count...

I tried a few different recipes and many different types of chocolate.

Here's what I've settled on for the time being:

  • a recipe from Bon Appetite that I found through Pinterest - HERE (also linked under Quarantine Cooking on my Pinterest page)

  • The better the chocolate, the better the mousse. I like Guittard organic bittersweet chocolate baking wafers the best. I found them at my local Fresh Market grocery store but you can also purchase them online HERE.

Gosh, now I really wanna go make some desserts.

xoxo, T


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