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a case of the Tuesdays.

I fully intended to get a post out this week on Monday but alas, I didn't quite get it together yesterday. I DID however make another batch of chocolate mousse yesterday! That's 5, 6, maybe 7(!!!) times I've made mousse in the past few months. I'm just mastering the recipe, k?!

I have a question for anyone reading. (ya know, all 3 of you.):

What would you like to see from me?

- Life updates, personal musings? Cooking? Workouts? Fashion and Styling? Music?

I want to share but I'm a little nervous still so I would love to know what YOU find interesting on my blog. I'm going to put out a little 'lazy day workout' post soon that I hope you find interesting...

So anyhow, please log in and comment below to let me know!

Thanks lovelies,

- T


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