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i am alive in NYC.

Ok wow, SO.... since I last checked in I have found an apartment, applied for said apartment (and got approved), signed the lease, AND MOVED IN!

My two roommates and I found a wonderful apartment in Washington Heights near a large park and within a short walk to multiple grocery stores and train stops. The building is quite nice and quiet and because we live on the top floor we have plenty of light throughout the day! We even made a trip to Lowe's together the other day and came back with a few lovely houseplants that I hope we can manage to keep alive and thriving (fingers crossed as i've never had plants before).

I cannot wait to share some apartment pictures with you but since I'm still waiting on some furniture and things, that will have to wait. For now here are a few photos of the view from our fire escape.

xo, T

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Margery Kowal
Aug 12, 2020

This is wonderful news, Taya! Big adventures are coming your way and I am so excited for you!

These photos are amazing ~ I cannot wait to see the inside pictures! Please be careful and be well.

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