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masks on masks on masks.

I'm a little late to the game, but I've been going nuts sewing masks this week.

^(i thought until recently that i could get by indefinitly with a bandana mask...)

I did a little research, hopped on Pinterest, and ta-da! (with a little help from Mom's vintage sewing machine) My newest obsession is sewing masks!

So here's the deal -

You wanna have at least two layers of fabric in YOUR mask to protect others from whatever you might put into the air from breathing, talking, sneezing, etc...

and thennn adding a few folded up kleenexes or a layer of silk or chiffon to the mask helps create an electrostatic barrier against germs/particles in the air around you. The pattern I used leaves a pocket in the mask to add kleenex or additional fabric.

Pretty cool, eh?

Oh, and some experts are saying that the folds in certain masks also help to filter out and/or trap aerosol particles.

So I made folds.

For reference:

an article about a study testing best materials for face masks HERE

link to the pattern I used HERE

Please be kind and socially responsible and continue to wear a mask in public.




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