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new adventures.

As you read this I will likely be en route to the eastern side of North Carolina!

I am heading to hang with one of my best friends and soon-to-be my newest room mate in NYC. We're going to spend some time with his family and at the beach before driving up to the city.

Apartment search -

Yeah... I don't yet have an apartment. My two future roomies and I have applied to an apartment that we are really excited about but the application process has been long and ongoing. When people say that the rental application process in NYC is extensive, they really aren't kidding.

With that being said, I obviously don't exactly know where I'll be living but I am not yet concerned. This is a big leap for me but one that I am doing completely for myself. Yes, I am apprehensive and nervous but I am also really excited about this big adventure!

Wish me luck!

- T


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Frances Duff
Frances Duff
Jul 28, 2020

Thanking of you a WHOLE LOT Ty as you venture forth on a new road. Lot os love goes with you.


Margery Kowal
Jul 28, 2020

Wishing you SO much luck, Taya! I cannot wait to hear what happens in your life! Love to you.

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