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The Start of a New Season

This fall marks the first year of what feels like my 'actual' adult life. I've taken time out of school, between each degree, but always with the intention of returning for another program or degree. As I embark on this new chapter of life, I thought I'd write - or dare i say blog?! - a bit about the gig life, auditions, traveling, and personal interests and musings. 

I'll do my best to avoid creating posts about the best looks to wear to a fall wedding  or the perfect appetizer to bring to a dinner party (I crack myself up just typing those phrases, honestly). 

But, for a while I have wanted to put my thoughts, opinions, and personal journey out in the universe so here I am, doing just that. 

If anyone at all is reading this, Hello! and I love you for joining me on this journey. 


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